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Sara E. Mayhew is a professional illustrator and writer specializing in creating manga graphic novels. Her background is graphic design production. She blogs at There Are Four Lights and Skeptic North and tours North America speaking about manga production, storytelling, and the promotion of science literacy through art. Each summer, her Learn to Draw Manga course is part of the JSANO School of the Arts youth program.



LEGEND OF THE ZTARR | official website |
Amazon | iBooks | Barnes&Noble | Sony | Kobo |

Secrets of Sorcerers Vol. 1 (writer, illustrator) (graphic novel) 2005 | Buy on Amazon |
Love Pet (writer, illustrator) (webmanga) 2006
The First Emperor (illustrator) (graphic novel) 2006 | Buy on Amazon|
ChickaDEE (illustrator) (magazine) Nov. 2006

Tees, Posters, and other Mechandise: |


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