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Sara E. Mayhew is a professional illustrator and writer specializing in creating manga graphic novels. Her background is graphic design production. Follow her sketch blog on tumblr, Yesterday’s Doodles, and become a patron via PatreonBecome a Patron!

IDRAW MANGA is the ultimate tool for learning the basics of Manga illustration, character design and the art of storytelling. We’ve designed the ultimate Manga Art field guide by pairing commonly used industry reference materials in a beautiful and ubiquitous form factor.

Regular $24.99 USD, you can special order direct copies for $20 CAD (+shipping) by request (while supplies last), simply visit the contact page. Order button coming soon


LEGEND OF THE ZTARR | official website |
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Secrets of Sorcerers Vol. 1 (writer, illustrator) (graphic novel) 2005 | Buy on Amazon |
Love Pet (writer, illustrator) (webmanga) 2006
The First Emperor (illustrator) (graphic novel) 2006 | Buy on Amazon|
ChickaDEE (illustrator) (magazine) Nov. 2006